What is ClassLink?

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  • ClassLink is an easy way for your student to access all of the learning applications they use at school. Students access most of their learning applications with a single username and password.
  • Students log into ClassLink using their UASD Microsoft 365 account credentials. If your student is unaware of their account credentials, please contact your school's office.
  • Below you will find an image of the apps found on the student "Launchpad" within ClassLink and an explanation of each app. Some apps may differ from the image based on the student's courses.

ClassLink Apps 9-12

ClassLink Apps 9-12 Image

1.     Canvas - a web-based learning management system, or LMS, used by teachers, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement. 

2.     CSIU Student Portal – Students in grades K-12 will automatically have a student portal account created after registration is complete. They can use this to check grades and schedules. Students log in using their Student ID as the username and the password will be set to their StudentID#@uasd (ex. 1234567@uasd) after initial account set up and login.

3.     District Homepage – a direct link to our district’s main webpage. Links to each school’s webpage can be found in the upper left from “Select a School.”

4.     Ed – an online learning system that combines the best of technology, content and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience with HMH programs for every teacher and student.

5.     Holt McDougal Online - provides access to online books, assessments,
and resources for students and teachers

6.     MackInVia - a program that makes it easy to access your school’s digital resources such as audiobooks and eBooks.

7.    Math Nation – an online resource that helps students master middle and high school mathematic with 24-hour access to high-quality instructional videos, workbook practice, collaborative learning tools and support.

8.     McGraw Hill - digital tools and online curriculum to accompany our Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Civics, and AP Literature courses.

9.     Savvas Realize- is a digital platform for English classes, grades 7-12, to access homework and assessments.

10.  SIRS- a searchable database of full text information on social issues, science, health, history, government, business, arts and humanities. Full-text articles, primary source documents, multimedia and Internet resources are selected from thousands of reputable domestic and international publications and respected organizations.

11.  Smart Futures - an online career planning and portfolio platform that helps all students be ready for post-secondary success.

12.  SORA – a digital reading app for K-12 students to discover age-appropriate eBooks, audiobooks and more from their school and public library.