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Mrs. Heather Sefcheck  Co-Principal
Mr. Robert Manges  Co-Principal
Mr. Cedric Lloyd  Acting Assistant Principal


Mrs. Lisa Smith  Main Office Secretary
Mrs. Angie Pitts  Main Office Secretary
Mrs. Cheri Truskey  Guidance Office Secretary

UAHS Teaching Staff  
Mrs. Courtney  Baker Library & Gifted Ed.
Ms. Danielle Baughman Special Ed.
Mrs. Bridgette Bishop Special Ed.
Mr. Jeremy Brain Special Ed.
Mr. Michael Brown Social Studies
Mrs. Kristina Buchanan World Languages
Mrs. Rachel Caruso Mathematics
Mrs. Melissa Celaschi Science
Mrs. Karianne Colebank Special Ed.
Mrs. Tonya Cottrell Mathematics
Mrs. Colleen DeBerry Guidance Counselor
Ms. Durell DeCarlo Science
Mr. Charles Durso Language Arts
Ms.  Leslee Ellis Science
Mr. Joseph Foster Physics & Mathematics
Mrs. Rebecca Gartley Art
Mrs. Betty Geller Language Arts
Mr. Matthew Girod World Languages
Mrs. Marissa Grimm Social Studies & Special Ed.
Ms. Heather Grubb Social Studies
Mrs. Christina Guard Language Arts
Mr. Ted Gulich Technology Ed.
Mrs. Gina Hough Computer Science & Business Ed.
Mr. Keith Jeffries Social Studies
Mr. Harry Kaufman Social Studies
Mrs. Cortney Kezmarsky Guidance
Mr. Scott Knee Mathematics
Ms. Shelly Kostik Mathematics
Mrs.  Dina Kriebel Science
Mrs. Tammy Marzano Computer Science & Business Ed.
 Ms. Sarah Mattis Special Education
Ms. Rachel McFall Language Arts
Mr. Dane Meadows Language Arts
Mrs. Tricia Michael Mathematics
Mr. Jason Miller Science
Mr. Matthew Pavlovich Science
Mr. Dario Piccolomini Science
Mrs. Rebecca Ritenour Language Arts
Mr. John Rosko Computer Science & Business Ed.
Mrs. Monica Rugola Science
Mrs. Davina Savage Mathematics
Mr. Aaron Scott Physical Ed.
Mrs. Karen Sheranek Language Arts
Ms. Bernadette Smith Special Ed.
Mrs. Kristen Smith Language Arts
Mr. George Stevenson Physical Ed.
Mr. John Svokos Social Studies
Mrs. Patricia Thomas World Languages & Language Arts
Mrs.  Barbara Vance Mathematics
Mr. Wyatt Wilson Music Ed.
Mrs. Jennifer Wingrove Special Ed.
Mr. Edward Yauger Physical Ed.
Ms. Kimberley Zebro Family and Consumer Sciences